Friday, September 12, 2014

The Pyramids and the Pentagon: Germany

The newly-published German edition of my book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon...

Roswell and Remote-Viewing

Over at Rich Reynolds' UFO Iconoclast(s) blog, Tony Bragalia focuses on the intriguing angle of trying to solve the mystery of Roswell via Remote-Viewing.

It's an interesting article which you can find here...

And there's a lively debate going on in the "Comments" section, too...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mothman: Two New Books

Andy Colvin, who has already written and published no less than six books on Mothman, now has another two to add to the list!!

They are Beyond the Prophecies of Mothman and  Inside the Prophecies of Mothman.

Here's the background on the books, from Andy himself:
"Spurred by the realization that the 9/11 attacks were accurately predicted – in 1967 – by a childhood friend who was seeing Mothman, Seattle artist Andy Colvin began filming a reality series, 'The Mothman’s Photographer,' documenting his experiences growing up in Mound, West Virginia.

"Beyond the Prophecies of Mothman chronicles the thoughts and feelings of several Mothman experiencers and researchers, beginning five years after the attacks (2008-2010). These revealing letters, penned during a wave of odd synchronicities, sightings, and encounters, indicate that Mothman may be a guardian angel of mind-bending proportions.

"Interwoven with these personal diaries are replies and other posts from Colvin, which reach back into the mysterious history of the Ohio Valley, providing not only a fuller context for the phenomenon, but also illustrations of how the paranormal and the media work together to help form public opinion and belief.

"In their thought-provoking attempts to figure out just what Mothman might be up to, Colvin and company look at every possible myth, legend, and conspiracy theory they can find, leading the reader on a wild, entertaining, and often poignant ride into high-strangeness. "

And, if you're wondering, Andy's other books are The Mothman's Photographer, The Mothman's Photographer II, The Mothman's Photographer III, The Mothman Speaks, The Mothman Shrieks, and The Mothman Squeaks.

Gray Barker's Book of Adamski

 And there's another Mysterious Universe article from me, this one being a review of the new re-release of Gray Barker's Book of Adamski.

It stars like this:

"Available, right now (and thanks to New Saucerian Books),  is a new edition of Gray Barker’s 1967 title, Gray Barker’s Book of Adamski. It’s a highly entertaining mix of fact, fiction, myth-making, and legend-creating. And, as a result of its age and subject-matter, of course, the story it tells harks back to the controversial days of the Contactees and the Space Brothers.

"Born in Poland, in 1891, George Adamski moved to the United States as a child. He spent four years in the military – at the height of the First World War – then spent time working, variously, in a flour mill and at the Yellowstone National Park."

Britain's X-traordinary Files

My new Mysterious Universe article begins...

"Out, right now, is the brand new book from David Clarke: Britain’s X-traordinary Files. As you may guess from its title, the book deals with British Government records on an astonishingly wide and varied body of paranormal phenomena. Most readers of Mysterious Universe will, I’m sure, know that over the years various arms of the British Ministry of Defense investigated reports of UFOs in the nation’s airspace.

"What Dave Clarke’s new book demonstrates, however, is what else the world of officialdom has had in its sights over the years. Some of it, as now-declassified files reveal, was not just weird. It was what we might term beyond weird. Dave is to be applauded for having spent who knows how many hours at the U.K. National Archives, digging around for material on the kinds of things that used to make Fox Mulder drool."

Friday, September 5, 2014

Men in Black: The "Other" Silencers

"With an article title like that above, you might think that I’m talking about the way in which the legendary, creepy Men in Black  make it their business to shut people up – and specifically UFO witnesses and researchers. Well, I’m actually not. The silencing  I refer to does relate to the MIB, but not in the way you might assume. If that all sounds a bit confusing, well, read on. All will soon become clear…

"About three weeks ago, I flew down to Houston, Texas to do a TV shoot for a forthcoming, 90-minute documentary. The subject was the controversy surrounding those mysterious, dark-suited characters that have plagued Ufology for decades. Since I have written extensively on the MIB, I often get asked to do television shows on the subject. Generally, they run smoothly. Not on this occasion, however."

That's how my new Mysterious Universe article begins. You can find it right here...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pepie The Lake Monster - Reviewed

My new Mysterious Universe article starts like this...

"It’s always a good day when a review-book arrives in the mail and its subject-matter is one that intrigues me. Such was the case just recently when I received  a copy of the new book from Chad Lewis and Noah Voss. Its title: Pepie: The Lake Monster of the Mississippi River. Published by On The Road Publications, this is an excellent, regional study of a strange beast that many are likely completely unaware of.

"I particularly enjoy books that are regional in nature, as they generally offer deep insight into a case that, without that personal, in-the-field approach, would probably remain buried in obscurity. And, I have to say, the Lewis-Voss book does not disappoint."

And here's the complete article...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Britain's X-traordinary Files

This looks to be a good, forthcoming book from Dave Clarke: Britain's X-traordinary Files.

And here's the book's description:

"David Clarke opens The National Archives’ own X Files to uncover the secret, official accounts behind legendary paranormal and extraordinary phenomena.

"From mediums employed by the police to help with psychic crime-busting to sea monster sightings reported to the Royal Navy, Britain’s X-traordinary Files brings to light a range of secret documents created by military intelligence and government agencies who have investigated and even used extraordinary phenomena or powers in recent history.

"Each chapter is underpinned by original, official records held at The National Archives, which throw new light on many rumors and unsolved historical mysteries, including the Angels of Mons and other legends of the Great War plus a variety of strange phenomena reported both in the sea and in the air, from phantom helicopters to the great sea serpent of the Victorian era. The final chapter scrutinizes official interest in the infamous Loch Ness Monster of Scotland and the ‘Beast of Bodmin.'

"These accounts are supplemented with contextual material gathered from interviews and the author’s own investigations, making truly eye-opening reading for anyone interested in the paranormal."

Friday, August 22, 2014

Older Books, New Titles

Just received in the mail new copies of 3 of my earlier books.

The originals were titled Monster Files, The NASA Conspiracies, and The Real Men in Black. They were published by New Page Books.

However, the new editions are published by Rosen Publishing and the new titles are True Stories of Real Life Monsters, True Stories of Space Exploration Conspiracies, and True Stories of the Real Men in Black.
I mention this because if you see them on Amazon (they are already on the site), you may think they are new books. They're not.

The only differences are (a) the publisher; (b) the title; (c) the cover design; and (d) the new ones are hardback, whereas the originals were paperback.

They've done a good job with them!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Contacting the Dead of Roswell....

My latest Mysterious Universe article focuses on what was - without any doubt whatsoever - one of the weirdest weeks of my entire life.

It was a week that revolved around nothing less than attempts to contact the souls of the dead entities found at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and which culminated in a midnight seance in town!

All of it was filmed for a TV show that, somewhat mysteriously, never aired.

Here's the link...

PS: the photo above is from the actual seance itself...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Alien Contact in Puerto Rico?

Media Memorandum
For immediate release
For info:
Joshua P. Warren
Director, Bermuda Triangle Base

"Arecibo Project" Researchers Make Contact with ET in Puerto Rico?

Boqueron, Puerto Rico (August 18, 2014) -- An independent group of researchers in Puerto Rico believe they possibly made contact with "beings from elsewhere" last Friday, August 15, 2014, 37th anniversary of the mysterious "WOW! Signal" captured by SETI.

The "Arecibo Project," led by Joshua P. Warren, Director of the Bermuda Triangle Research Base, spent the day transmitting radio messages into outer space from Arecibo, Lajas, and other parts of the island, asking ET to appear around certain GPS coordinates as a live webcam streamed footage of the general location.

A variety of anomalies were captured on camera, including a "saucer-shaped object" that appeared then shot straight up into the sky, accompanied by a strange, high-pitched tone.

Warren's team compared that tone to the famed WOW! Signal, and say it is so similar they think the UFO possibly sent this signal to them as a sign of successful communication.

"We believe the UFO may have sent us the same type of signal that came from space, and was recorded by SETI, 37 years ago. This was a complete surprise. Though it was picked up via a webcam microphone, and not a broad dish like SETI had, our analysis thus far has shown it is essentially a demodulated signal from the WOW! transmission turned into audio."

The message sent into space, an invitation for contact, was recorded by George Noory, host of "Coast to Coast AM" the largest overnight radio program in North America.

Live footage was being analyzed in Washington DC at the studio of filmmaker C. Eric Scott, while audio was being processed at a lab in North Carolina. The researchers are asking for others with expertise to analyze the UFO images and compare the audio themselves. Data is freely posted at:

When asked for his opinion of what the "beings" may be, Warren said:

"After my 7 years of research here, the accumulating evidence suggests we may be dealing with a new form of life in Puerto Rico. Sometimes huge, and sometimes small drones, I believe these beings could be a highly-advanced, extremely sleek and efficient organic/electronic hybrid. They have probably evolved much longer than humans, and are now capable of inter-stellar and inter-dimensional travel, seeming to pop in and out of our visible dimensions almost instantly. Hundreds of years of native lore, combined with our modern research, indicate they might be sensitive to human thought, often engaging in contact when a highly-focused human, or group of humans, telepathically projects a desire to interact with them. We don't know their ultimate agenda, but if it were detrimental to humans, we'd likely have been harmed by now."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Chupacabra: My Views

Back in late 2005, I traveled to Puerto Rico for a week with Paul Kimball (of Red Star Films). The purpose was to make a documentary titled Fields of Fear - which was on the subject of animal mutilations/cattle mutilations.

Paul has uploaded  to YouTube an interview that he did with me while we were on the island. Here it is, below. Time has flow, hard to believe it was almost a decade ago!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cryptozoology Fiction

I picked this up for $1.50 the other day at a used book store: a 1981 collection of cryptozoology fiction that covers such things as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, sea serpents and much more. It's pretty good!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

UFO Books: Old Titles Re-Released

I received in the mail a couple of days ago the latest review-batch of book releases from Andy Colvin that his New Saucerian Books company has published. 

I have said it before here at my blog, that if you are into old UFO-themed books from the 1950s/1960s etc, then NSB is definitely a company to support, since they are doing a great job of bringing out decades-old originals in new editions.

The new titles are reprints of Howard Menger's From Outer Space to You; Flying Ships, Humanoids, and Creatures of the Subterranean World; Jim Moseley's Book of Saucer News; Gray Barker's Book of Adamski; Woody Derenberger's Visitors from Lanulos; Alvin Moore's Mystery of the Skymen; and Michael X's Secrets of the Saucer People. There's also Robert R. Lyman's Forbidden Land: Strange Events in the Black Forest, Vol. 1; and Amazing Indeed: Strange Events in the Black Forest, Vol. 2.

The Mothman Festival and British Monsters

I'll be speaking at the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia on the weekend of Sept 20-21. 

The subject of my lecture: Mothman-style creatures in the UK, such as the Owlman, the creepy critter that turned up in Kent, England back in the '60s, the flying man of England's Cannock Chase, and much more...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Volumes of Paranormal Excellence!

Liz Randall (who writes under the name of Kithra) is a good friend of mine who lives in Cornwall, England. 

She has a collection of her writings out right now, which is contained in 2 volumes and that I wrote the forewords for. 

They are very cool books that cover a wide range of mysteries, including sightings of "big cats' in the UK, mythology, folklore, ghostly black dogs, sea serpents, and much more...

Their titles are From Lyonesse to Alien Big Cats and Back Again (Vols. 1 & 2).

Here's where you can buy the first volume, and click here for the second.