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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Haunted Toys - New Book From David Weatherly

Hanging out last Saturday night with good mate David Weatherly (and just as the flu was kicking in big time), and David gave me a copy of his new book co-written with Ross Allison - Haunted Toys. It's a chilling and fun study of possessed dolls, creepy games and more. I will be reviewing it soon. Well worth buying!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Edinburg, Texas UFO Gig

A bunch of photos from this past weekend, at the annual Edinburg, Texas UFO gig, which was a cool event, and a couple of hundred people turned up and had a good time!

The Roswell UFO: My New Book

Back in 2005, I wrote a book called Body Snatchers In The Desert. It was a study of the Roswell, New Mexico "UFO Crash" of 1947.

As many people know, although I fully believe there is a real UFO phenomenon, I am not convinced that aliens crashed at Roswell. I suspect some kind of secret experiment - with a human crew - is the likely answer.

When Body Snatchers was published, it provoked a huge amount of controversy, and for a while I was Public Enemy Number 1 in Ufology! Not that I cared. People ranted and screamed, and I returned the rants with a middle-finger. It was an interesting and memorable few months of debate online, on radio shows, and in magazines! 

Well, now there is the sequel to Body Snatchers, which will be published around a month from now - and with the 70th anniversary of the crash coming in July.

Time to get ready for more controversy...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Lake Worth, Texas Goat-Man: A Hoax?

Were hoaxers inspired, in 1969, to create a Goat-Man legend at Lake Worth, Texas? Did the inspiration come from a bloody awful movie that was released in the previous year, 1968? Its title: Night Fright. Those are the questions I ask in a new article...

That's me hanging out at the lake a couple of years ago...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

High-Strangeness in Defiance, Ohio

My two latest articles at Mysterious Universe have a connection: the location. Namely, the small city of Defiance, Ohio, the population of which is around 17,000.

In the 1960s, Defiance was visited by a mysterious Man in Black and in 1972, a werewolf prowled around the area by night and for a couple of months.

Yep, seriously weird!

That's me hanging out - last summer - at the site where the werewolf was mainly seen - an old stretch of railroad tracks...

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Problems With Lake Monsters

That's the subject of another new article from me, which deals with some of the stranger aspects of lake-monsters.

Here's how it starts:

"F.W. 'Ted' Holiday was the author of three notable books. We begin with 1968’s The Great Orm of Loch Ness. It was followed, in 1973, by The Dragon and the Disc. And, finally, there was The Goblin Universe. The latter was published in 1986, seven years after his death. Holiday had a deep interest in accounts of lake-monsters, and particularly so the creatures of Loch Ness. Holiday wrote other books, too, but the three above are the ones of particular relevance to this article.

 "Holiday’s early work and research at Loch Ness led him to conclude that whatever the creatures were, they were flesh and blood in nature. As the years progressed, however, Holiday’s views changed. And they changed radically. Strange synchronicities at Loch Ness, a chilling encounter with a Man in Black, rumors of a dragon-worshiping cult in the area, seances at the loch, and much more had a major effect on Holiday. Indeed, The Great Orm of Loch Ness and The Goblin Universe could not have been further apart, in terms of theories, concepts and ideas. The former was the kind of Cryptozoology championed by Bernard Heuvelmans. The latter was full-on John Keel."

A Weird Side of Ufology...

A new article from me on one of the stranger aspects of Ufology. It starts like this...

Last year I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe titled “UFOs: Extraterrestrial? Probably Not.” One of the reasons I gave for suggesting that the UFO phenomenon is far stranger than anything of an E.T. nature, is the fact that many UFO incidents seem to be staged for the benefit of the witness. As if “they” are trying to convince us they are extraterrestrials. But, they are trying way too hard. I made mention of one particular angle of the UFO phenomenon that, in my opinion, is a perfect example. I wrote:

QUOTE: “There’s the nature of the entities themselves: they practically overemphasize who, or what, they claim to be. Take, for example, all those ‘soil-sampling’ aliens of the 1950s and 1960s. You know the ones: someone is working in their field, or driving down a stretch of road, when they encounter a couple of diminutive aliens collecting specimens of local plants, flowers, and vegetables. E.T. on a scientific mission, right? No, not in my view.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Encountering Fenris, "The Wolf-Horror"

That's the subject of a new article from me. And here are the opening paragraphs:

Gareth Knight says of Dion Fortune that she was “…born Violet Mary Firth in Llandudno, North Wales on 6th December 1890, the daughter of parents with an active interest in the Christian Science and Garden City movements and the running of hydro-therapeutic establishments. Her interest in occultism was sparked in 1916 when, as a psychotherapist, she came across the startling work of Dr. Theodore Moriarty, who became her first esoteric teacher and inspired her series of short stories The Secrets of Dr Taverner.”

 Fortune, who died in 1946 at the age of fifty-five, was someone who had success in creating creatures and entities of the mind, and who then unleashed them into the world around her. Although not necessarily deliberately. We are talking about what are variously referred to as thought-forms and Tulpas. Fortune’s experiences made it very clear, however, that creating a mind-monster can be a potentially dangerous exercise. It is something that each and every one of us should take careful heed of. Fortune’s story is as fascinating as it is disturbing.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Secret Societies...Available Now...

Out now is my new book, Secret Societies. Here's where you can purchase it. And, below, is the publisher's info on the book...

Claims and counter-claims. Accusations and allegations. NSA spying and suppressed evidence. Cover-ups and threats. Documented connections and intrigue. Suggestions of a New World Order. Are we to believe the coincidences are mere chance? Might the paranoid be on to something? Who really holds the levers of power? History admonishes us to be vigilant of hidden plots and nefarious agendas of governments and the powerful.

Shedding light onto sometimes sinister and coercive groups, Secret Societies: The Complete Guide to Histories, Rites, and Rituals is packed with details on nearly 200 organizations, their histories, found members, backgrounds, and suspected conspiracies. It uncovers and examines the hidden, overlooked, and buried history of some of the most notorious groups, including the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, World Bankers, the Secret Government, and extraterrestrial invaders, to name a few.

Tracing the chilling and corrosive affects of powerful cliques and their plots, it exposes their deep reach into the operations of today's world. Providing gripping details, presenting the facts, and letting the reader decide, this revealing work probes the hidden agendas and agreements of secret cabals and associations. Along the way, it debunks myths and presents the evidence on an invisible world of influence and power.

Men In Black - Worldwide

Over at Mysterious Universe I have a new article on the worldwide nature of the Men in Black. Here's the link, and here's how the article starts:

Brent Swancer’s recent feature on Men in Black in Japan has prompted me to write an article showing that the creepy and strange MIB are seen just about here, there and everywhere. In 2005, I spent a week or thereabouts in Puerto Rico. I was there with Paul Kimball’s Redstar Films crew. The subject of the shoot: the Chupacabra. While we were there, we met a number of interesting witnesses, including one guy who had encountered not just a Man in Black, but a Woman in Black too.

Late one night, some years earlier, he jumped out of bed to the screams of his pigs – he was a breeder and seller of the animals. And, given that this was his only source of income, he raced to the back-door, grabbed a handy machete and a flashlight, flung the door open, and charged out into the muggy darkness. The scene was one of carnage. The bodies of a number of dead, blood-splattered rabbits – which the farmer also kept – were strewn about the yard, many torn to pieces. And one of his prize-pigs was dead, too, lying on the ground.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Communion At 30

Over at Mysterious Universe, I have a new article on Whitley Strieber;'s book, Communion. Why? Because the book was published 30 years ago last week. You can find my thoughts and observations on the book as I take a look back to 1987.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Reporter Who Knew Too Much

There is a new book review from me at Mysterious Universe. Its title: The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. The author: Mark Shaw. It's a very good book, too!

And here is how the review begins:

Last night I finished reading a really good book. Its title: The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. Its subtitle pretty much nails the subject-matter: The Mysterious Death of What’s My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen. The author is Mark Shaw, a former criminal defense attorney and a legal analyst for CNN, ESPN, and USA Today. Kilgallen was an interesting person, someone who I have written about previously here at Mysterious Universe. You can find one such article here. Here’s another.

Born in Chicago in July 1913, Kilgallen was someone who, without the benefit of a college degree, rose up the ranks in the field of journalism. She became one of the most popular – and, at times, hated and even feared – figures in the media. Dorothy was also someone who moved effortlessly in the worlds of high-society, Hollywood, politics, government secrecy, and deep and dark conspiracies. She was buddies with Marilyn (do I really need to tell you her surname?) and hung out with Ernest Hemingway. She was also someone who was the subject of extensive surveillance – by several agencies of the U.S. intelligence community. This latter point is hardly surprising, however, as will soon become very apparent.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Reviewing The Brimstone Deceit

At Mysterious Universe I review Joshua Cutchin's new book, The Brimstone Deceit, which is a really good read.

Here's how the review begins:

Available right now is the new book from Joshua Cutchin, The Brimstone Deceit. Its subtitle: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, and Monstrous Miasmas. You may recall that in May 2015 I reviewed Josh’s previous book, A Trojan Feast. You can find the review here. In many ways, the two books are of a similar nature. Whereas A Trojan Feast was focused on the connections between Fortean phenomena, strange entities and food, Josh’s new book revolves around odors and the world of the unexplained.

Before I tell you what this new title from Anomalist Books is about, it’s important I explain what it’s specifically not about. This is not a book about how Bigfoot stinks to high heaven because it lives in the woods and never bathes. Nor is it a study of alien halitosis. Rather, this is a fascinating 445-pages-long book on how certain, specific odors play significant roles in countless paranormal events and incidents. Josh’s work makes it very clear that numerous supernatural phenomena of the kind that many would suggest have no connection to each other, are, in reality, connected to incredible and deep degrees. In that sense, Josh goes down the path taken by John Keel, who came to believe that the many and varied unknown “things” which intrude upon our world are somehow all part and parcel of something bigger, something interconnected.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Beyond Boggy Creek - Reviewed

Over at Mysterious Universe, I review the new Bigfoot-themed book from Lyle Blackburn, Beyond Boggy Creek.

And here's how the review begins:

Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch is the new book from Lyle Blackburn. If you are into Cryptozoology, you will know of Lyle’s two previous books, The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man. If you enjoyed those two titles, then you will definitely want to get your hands on his new one. As the title of the book suggests, Lyle’s latest release focuses on Bigfoot in Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and more. There is no doubt that when people think of Bigfoot, they often picture large and lumbering hair-covered man-beasts roaming around the forested wilds of the Pacific northwest. But, that’s not always the case. As Beyond Boggy Creek reveals, there is a huge body of data, sightings, and encounters suggesting that whatever the southern Bigfoot is, it’s thriving just fine.

I read the book over three nights (sadly, they weren’t dark and stormy, which would have been ideal weather!). And, I can tell you, for sure, that it makes for very intriguing reading. One of the reasons why the book is a definitive page-turner is because Lyle is a skilled and atmospheric writer: he sets the scene, draws the reader into the stories, and provides captivating case after case. There is another reason why this book is an important one for Cryptozoology: Lyle is someone who spends a great deal of time in the woods, swamps and wild places in the South. In other words, most of the material presented in the book comes from Lyle’s own, personal investigations and interviews – which is always a good thing. With that all said, now let’s take a look at the content of Beyond Boggy Creek. If you thought there was nothing new to say about Bigfoot, it’s time to think again.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Roswell UFO Festival...

An event I'll be speaking in a few months, June 30-July 2 (click on the image to enlarge).

Beyond Boggy Creek

Something great arrived in the mail - the new book from good mate, Lyle Blackburn, Beyond Boggy Creek.

I have started to read it and it's an excellent contribution to the worlds of both Cryptozoology and Bigfoot research. A review coming soon!

And here is the publisher's (Anomalist Books) info on the book:

From the author of The Beast of Boggy Creek comes the ultimate investigation into a true Southern mystery... 

Countless reports from credible individuals suggest that something shocking may be stalking the woods of the southern United States--something massive, bipedal, and covered in hair. Tales of these Southern Sasquatch creatures--such as the one made famous by the 1972 horror movie The Legend of Boggy Creek--date back to the very origins of Deep South history and are reported even today.
While Boggy Creek may be the most famous case, the infamous waterway is only the tip of a much broader mystery, one that spills into the surrounding states and beyond. From Arkansas and Oklahoma down to Texas, over to Florida and all the southern states in between, chilling accounts and compelling evidence indicate that a breed of these mysterious, man-like creatures has been successfully hiding in the shadowy foothills, piney woods, and murky swamplands of these areas.
Join acclaimed author and outdoorsman Lyle Blackburn as he traverses woods and waterways, delves into dusty archives, and interviews a host of credible eyewitnesses in search of one of the South's most enduring mysteries... the Southern Sasquatch.

About the Author:

Lyle Blackburn's research and writing on the subject of Bigfoot has been widely recognized as some of the best in the field of cryptozoology. His previous books, including The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man, offer a balanced view of the subject while delivering gripping accounts of this real-life mystery.
Blackburn is a frequent guest on radio programs such as Coast to Coast AM, and has appeared on television shows including Monsters and Mysteries in America and Finding Bigfoot. Blackburn and his research have also been featured in the award-winning documentary film Boggy Creek Monster.
"Blackburn shows himself not only to be a first-rate researcher but a formidable writer."-- Fortean Times.

1. Shadows in the Southern Woods
  Legendary Archetype
  Name Game
  Deeper South
2. They Always Follow the Creeks
  Up the River
  Sulphur Waterweb
  Red River Connection
  The Other Boggys
3. Marauding Manimals
  Bad Reputation
  Man Mountain
  Siege at Honobia
4. Native Giants
  Bigfoot War
  Nowata Man-Things
  Casino Creature
  Cross Timbers Snow Ape
5. Mountain Monsters and Valley Apes
  Area X
  Road Walkers
  Close Encounters
  The Ozarks
6. Lone Star Sasquatch
  Lake Worth Monster
  Strange Things Afoot
  Deep in the Heart
  Piney Woods
7. Bayou Beasts
  Caddo Critters
  Sabine Thing
  Monster Central
  Lurkers in the Lowlands
  Honey Island Swamp Monster
8. Rebel Bigfoot
  Denizens of the Delta
  Howls in the Night
  Downey Booger
  Sweet Home
9. Appalachian Ape-Men
  Body Snatchers
  Knobby and Yahoos
  Hulking Highlanders
  Terror on the Trail
10. Coastal Creatures
  Boogers and Buggers
  The Nightmares Continue
  Elkins Creek
  Ripples Through the Water
11. Realm of the Skunk Ape
  What’s That Smell
  Monsters in the Marshlands
  Myakka Mysteries
  Amok in Ochopee
  Lasting Images
  Southern Names for Bigfoot
About the Author

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Good Find...

Found this for a couple of dollars at a local house sale last weekend, a 1920 edition of Samuel Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Not bad!

Polish FBI Files

Back in 2001, a Polish edition of my 1998 book, The FBI Files, was published. Now there is a new Polish edition, to be released later this month. Not a bad cover!

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Scoriton Incident...

In a good new article, Rich Reynolds highlights an old - and largely forgotten - UFO case. It's a very strange affair with a great deal of twists and turns. Check it out...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Alien Artwork

Last year, artist Carol Ann Rodriguez generously let me use one of her paintings in my book, Women in Black. Now, however, Carol Ann has a book out filled with all of her artwork, and here's the link. Check it out!

A Sex Pistol & Nessie...

Currently reading: Lonely Boy, the autobiography of Sex Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones - which is an excellent book!

Also, picked these 2 oldies up the other day at Half Price Books in Arlington, Texas - (1) a 1939 book, A Book of Fabulous Beasts and (2) a 1970 paperback of F.W. Holiday's The Great Orm of Loch Ness. I have the original hardback but couldn't resist the paperback at just 2 dollars!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Books and Books...

Picked up two cool, old, non-fiction books yesterday, George Laycock's The Alien Animals, and Kenneth Anderson's The Black Panther of Sivanipalli.

Also, received in the mail today a copy of a new book on the death of journalist Dorothy Kilgallen - a significant figure in the saga of the JFK assassination of November 22, 1963. A review of the Kilgallen book to follow! Its title: The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. And the author, Mark Shaw.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Immortality of the Gods - A New Book From Me

Available right now is another new book from me, Immortality of the Gods, which focuses on UFOs, ETs and the issue of immortality in the distant past, the present, and the future. Here's the contents list to give you an idea of what it's about:

Chapter 1: The Longest Lived Aliens of All
Chapter 2: Gold: The Key to Eternal Life
Chapter 3: Methuselah, the Oldest Man on Earth
Chapter 4: Gilgamesh and a Quest for an Eternal Existence
Chapter 5: Manna from the Skies
Chapter 6: The Immortals in India
Chapter 7: Ambrosia of the Gods
Chapter 8: Everlasting Life in Ancient Egypt
Chapter 9: Ireland’s Immortal “God”
Chapter 10: The Man Who Never Dies
Chapter 11: An Immortal in the Pentagon
Chapter 12: Seeking the Secrets of Eternal Youth
Chapter 13: “Containers” of Souls
Chapter 14: The Greys: Desperately Seeking Souls
Chapter 15: The Elohim, Cloning, and Living Forever
Chapter 16: The Science of Immortality

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My New Book - Now Available

Now available is my new book (published by Lisa Hagan Books): 365 Days of UFOs: A Year of Alien Encounters.

And here's the back-cover text:

Alien Encounters
Crop Circles
Government Conspiracies
Close Encounters

In the pages of his new book, Nick Redfern presents 365 of his favorite UFO stories – one for every day of the year. Spanning decades and continents, they cover numerous subjects, including the Roswell UFO crash, Men in Black, Mothman, face-to-face encounters with extraterrestrials, military pilots and UFOs, crashed flying saucers, and cosmic cover-ups.